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12.20.2021 / Buying

5 Costly Mistakes Buyers Make!

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What are the Top 5 costly mistakes buyers make in real estate?

  1. Buying through the listing agent thinking that they are going to get a deal!  This is the farthest from the truth.  It all comes down to the agency contract!  A listing agent is an agent working for the owners of the home and will work solely for the benefit of the owner – not the buyer!
  2. Not having an agency agreement in place, thinking that one is not needed!  An agreement speaks louder than words!  There is no question in who was representing who when there is a contract in place.  If there is a buyer agency agreement signed, then the agent works for the buyer and the buyer’s needs and requests come before all else!
  3. Looking at for sale by owner properties with no representation!  Would you let someone operate on you or a family member if they were not a licensed doctor?  So why would you purchase a home, probably the biggest investment you will ever make, without a licensed professional?  It take a professional to negotiate the best price for you and to do the required research to make sure that you are not overpaying and that you have purchased a sound home.
  4. Not speaking to a lender thinking they will force you into something!  Banks, mortgage brokers, financial assists are there to help you get the best for your money.  Treat this as a job interview and speak to as many as you can and get a feel for who best suits your financial needs.
  5. Not getting a home inspection thinking the home looks good to me!  Sure you’ve got a good eye for things.  The shingles are in the right place, there are no stains on the walls and ceilings – so there were no leaks, the house was comfortable so the heating system is in great order.  Don’t ever judge a book by its cover!  You are not engineer, so you shouldn’t try to be one when purchasing your home!

When you work with Daryl King and his team of buyer agents you can be ensured that you…

..are working with the best!  They will provide with the most up to date information and computer software which allows you to access the Multiple Listing Service database of the Toronto Real Estate Board right across the rest of Canada!  They will send you the newest listings, price reductions, sales and everything else under the sun promptly that will help you make a decision and in this market, you need to make a fast one so that your dream home doesn’t sell under your nose.  You will get the full description of these listings including room sizes, taxes, lot size, city, and so much more!

Best of all, the service the Daryl King Team provides in assisting you find your dream home is FREE!

We will make sure you will be matched with a buyer agent that best suits your needs!

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